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Model # ATEL-BLK

Allen Tel Products make it easy for you to comply with the American Disabilities Act as it applies to Hall And Elevator Telephones.

A push and release push-buton activates the single number dial or a ring-down line to connect the speakerphone to the emergency operator. 2 Minute Auto Disconnect (Time Out) is provided.

A Braille lable marked "Telephone" Identifies the product. A braille lable on the push-button marked "Push" Completes the instruction. Two LED lamps are provided for the hearing impaired. The green LED operates when the push-button is depressed indicating the call is being activated (off-hook condition).

The "Help Is On The Way" LED is controlled by the emergency operator and provides visual confirmation.

A three digit tone signal is automatically transmitted to the emergency operator to indicate the location of the caller. The operator may initiate a call to the telephone monitor for indications of a suspected emergency.

All units are designed to meet requirements of the American Disabillity Act. The standard finish is black-textured, baked-on enamel, Other colors available with special order.
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Allen Tel Elevator Phone - Box Style Black

Price: $499.99 Please Call 1-800-862-4001
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