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The ETP-103 is an indoor hands-free Emergency Phone designed to fit behind an elevator Car Operating Panel and connect to a call button on the C.O.P.


Auto-answer allows security to monitor and initiate calls with Emergency Phone
Uses regular phone lines or PBX, Phone line-powered: no power supply or battery back-up required, Push button once to call, then speak hands-free, Options available that offer the ability to automatically identify attendant of location of calling phone by recorded message and digital display, LED fits into COP button for ADA compliance, Built-in autodialer can call two numbers. If first number doesn't answer or is busy, dials second number

Dimensions: 4-1/2" W x 7-1/2" H, Mounting: Mounts behind C.O.P., Communication: 2-way hands-free communication, Power Source: Phone line powered (requires 20mA at 24V off-hook), Programming: Non-volatile EEPROM programming can be done from any telephone. No battery back-up is needed, "On" Time: Programmable from 1-4270 minutes, Wiring: 1 twisted-shielded pair (gauge depends on distance), Phone Line: Requires POTS line, analog PBX extention, or connection to one of our consolidators.
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