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The ETP-100EB is an indoor, ADA-compliant hands-free Emergency Phone for use in elevators.

Vandal-resistant stainless steel faceplate & metal button, Uses regular phone lines or PBX, Phone line-powered: no power supply or battery back-up required, Push button once to call, then speak hands-free
Options available that offer the ability to automatically identify attendant of location of calling phone by recorded message and digital display, LED indicator for hearing impaired, Cast metal raised letter and Braille signage for ADA compliance, Built-in autodialer can call two numbers. If first number doesn't answer or is busy, dials second number, Auto-answer allows security to monitor and initiate calls with Emergency Phone.

Construction: 12 gauge #4 brushed stainless steel face plate, Dimensions: Front panel: 9-1/4"W x 11"H
Wall opening: 4-1/2"W x 7-1/2"H x 2-1/2"D, Mounting: Flush mounts, Communication: 2-way hands-free communication, Power Source: Phone line powered (requires 20mA at 24V off-hook), Programming: Non-volatile EEPROM programming can be done from any telephone. No battery back-up is needed, "On" Time: Programmable from 1-4270 minutes, Wiring: 1 twisted-shielded pair (gauge depends on distance), Phone Line: Requires POTS line, analog PBX extention, or connection to one of our consolidators.
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Talk-A-Phone Flush Mount Elevator Phone

Price: $425.99 Please Call 1-800-862-4001
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Talk-A-Phone Indoor Flush Mount ADA-Compliant Hands-Free Emergency Phone