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Elevator Phone Questions & Answers
What is your billing frequency?
We generally bill quarterly and annually: However, we can adjust our billing cycles to meet your needs. We also accept Checks, Visa & MasterCard, Payment by phone and Electronic Funds Transfer.

Are the elevator phones you sell ADA compliant?
MyLinkLine will only install elevator telephone equipment that meets all code requirements. We also comply with ADA, ASME, ANSI and IBC codes in addition to all State and Local requirements if applicable.

How do I know if my buildings elevators need ADA compliant phones?
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is Federal Civil Rights Legislation written and enacted in January of 1992. The law is written to provide disabled people with access and accommodations equal to those of the general public. All owners who operate a business or place of public access must comply with ADA requirements.

How much do you charge for cellular phone lines?
The cost of cellular service will vary from state to state based on your county, city and special taxing districts that may assess various taxes on wireless communication services. Applicable taxes are collected by MyLinkLine and remitted to the jurisdiction that is assessing the tax. For example:  Some states and localities require wireless carriers to collect a fee for 911 funds and others require electronic waste recycling fees on all cellular devices. Contact us for pricing
How much do your charge for phones and monitoring?
We install emergency telephones nationwide and you can purchase a new elevator telephone and have it installed from $300.00 to $500.00. Our monthly monitoring service cost between $12.00 to $25.00 based on number of emergency elevator telephones. Our monthly monitoring agreement is a great value and we eliminate the need for paying for a dedicated phone lines saving hundreds of dollars per year.

What are the necessary power requirements for elevator telephones?
If you select a phone with a cellular connect, we will require 110 vac duplex outlet. The majority of elevator phones we sell are line powered however some telephones do require line power. Don't worry if you’re not sure which will work for elevator we can help you find the right model for your elevator system.

Why do I need elevator phone monitoring?
Code requires that elevator telephone be connected to telephone number that is monitored 24 hours a day. To comply with ADA telephone monitoring service must not require voice communication and know how to answer emergency calls. This is a liability issue if the person trapped in the elevator is deaf or unable to communicate. For more than 25 years our state-of-the-art 24-hour monitoring service has been delivering the best emergency monitoring solutions available. Our telephone monitoring staff has extensive technical and interpersonal training to assist in emergency and non-emergency situations. When the button on an elevator phone is pushed, the call is automatically dialed to our toll free 24-hour monitoring service. At our call center our computer system instantly identifies the building's elevator and location. . Our computer screens also show vital contact information on your account including contact names and emergency call lists per your notification instructions.

Does your company have insurance?
Yes, we are fully bonded and insured.

Does your call center identify where the emergency elevator phone call is coming from?
Our call center computer system instantly identifies the building's elevator and location. This is an important liability issue if the person trapped in the elevator is deaf or unable to communicate. Our monitoring service is designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act by allowing easy access and usage by people who are physically, visually, hearing or speech impaired. We also comply with ADA, ASME and IBC codes.

How do I schedule a repair on my elevator telephone?
Just call 1-800-862-4001 or e-mail us at and we will send a technician out to repair your elevator phone.

If I have a problem with my elevator phone what is your repair response time?
Most repairs are made the same day or next business day repairs we can even offer a loan phone while the repair is carried out.

If I purchase monitoring with warranty will you cover replacing the telephone equipment as well as all labor?
Yes. If any part of your elevator telephone(s) or Cellular Connect device fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, we will provide onsite repair or, at our option, replace the defective elevator telephone(s) as long as MyLinkLine Communications provides the monthly monitoring service for the telephone. This warranty is extensive in that it covers replacement of all defective parts. However, damage due to product abuse, product misuse is excluded from this warranty. For complete warranty details visit our warranty page.

Do you charge additional fees based on how many calls an elevator phone makes?

How long does it take to get a new phone installed?
We typically install within 2 weeks of receiving payment and a signed monitoring agreement. We also offer rush service to accommodate elevator inspections or unusual emergency situations.

Do you install cellular elevator telephones line?
Yes. Our cellular connect device is quick and easy to install and interfaces well with existing emergency phone equipment. For additional dependability all units include a battery backup. Our innovative technology will replace your dedicated elevator phone land-lines and can save you over 40% per line.

Why would I use a cellular emergency phone for an elevator telephone?
Substantial cost saving over conventional land-line charges and more reliable than land lines in the event of a natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Can you program elevator telephones to call 911?
Elevator telephone programed to 911 will be able to dispatch emergency 24/7 however they unable to dispatch maintenance personnel or contact property managers when non-emergency calls occur. Many 911 dispatch center have asked us specifically not to program elevator telephones to 911 as they do not want these calls tying up emergency telephone lines and dispatchers to answer non-emergencies calls or pranks. Programing telephones to a 911 center can be costly as fines may be imposed if police or fire respond to non-emergency and prank calls. If emergency personnel are dispatched to non-emergency calls the cost of a fine can range from $400 to $2,500. An example of a common non-emergency nuisance call is when someone in the elevator pushes the elevator telephone call button and walks out of the elevator. The 911 service is unable to get a response in the elevator and do not have contact information for building personnel so they must dispatch help to that location. We do not recommend 911 as a means to answer elevator telephone calls.

We have already purchased our elevator telephones from another company. Can MyLinkLine monitor these phones?
Yes. No additional equipment is needed and we can reprogram and monitor all make and manufactures including elevator telephones built into existing car operating panels.

Do you charge customers for false, prank or nuisance calls?

Do you monitor fire & burglar alarms?
No, we specialize in emergency phone monitoring only.

How do you respond to a power failure at your monitoring center?
All of our computers have back up systems, should a computer fail. We also have electrical backup generators located at our call center if a power failure should occur. Our systems are specifically designed to ensure the building owner that the elevator emergency calls will be dispatched quickly and in a professional manner.

Will my phone work if the power goes out?
Yes. Depending on your model your elevator phone is either powered by the telephone line or by a battery backup.

Can I have my elevator telephone programed to call my office?
If you have your elevator telephone(s) programed to an office telephone it is critical the person answering the call understand the code requirements and are they able to identify the elevator location and know how to respond to the call? Many State Elevator Inspectors test telephones annually and one common test is to push the elevator telephone call button and say nothing to see how the call is handled. If the person answering the call hangs up without responding with the elevator location to the caller and asking if they are able to respond you may fail the elevator inspection. The cost of elevator re-inspections varies from State to State however the typical re-inspection fee is $250.00 to $1,000.00. This can be a costly mistake and an improperly trained staff can significantly increase your liability exposure. For this reason, we ask all of our customer if they can afford a mistake by your staff in handling an emergency call?
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MyLinkLine will only install elevator telephones that meet code requirements. We also comply ADA, ASME, ANSI and IBC codes in addition to all State and Local requirements if applicable. Volume pricing available.

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Our dispatch center has been delivering professional service for over twenty years. Our staff has extensive technical and interpersonal training to assist in emergency and non-emergency situations.

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Time to cut the cord on elevator phone lines. Go cellular and save 35% or more on monthly phone line fees. Our fixed elevator cellular line works with all elevator telephones and answering services.

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