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Elevator Telephone Catalog

The elevator phones listed below are limited in quantity and require longer shipping lead times -  Call Us: 1-800-862-4001
Janus Elevator Telephones are in stock and ship within 24-hours of order
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MyLinkline Communications offers the total solution for your buildings elevator phone systems. We sell and install Viking, Rath Micotech, Ceeco, Gai-Tronics, Allen Tel Talk-A-Phone, Wurtec, and EMS quality elevator telephone products. We can also provide 24-hour monitoring services to meet all necessary code requirements.
Wurtec (Box Style)

Wurtec (Flush Mount)

Wurtec (Slim Line)

Wurtec (Muntz)

Wurtec (Phone Box)

Wurtec (OEM Replacement)
Allen-Tel (Box Style)

Allen-Tel (DCE Phone)

Allen-Tel (Black Box Phone)

Talk-a-Phone (Box Style)

Talk-a-Phone (Flush Mount)

Talk-a-Phone (Wide Flush Mount)

Talk-a-Phone (OEM Replacement)
Gai-Tronics (Box Style)

Link Phone (Box Style)

Viking (Box Style)

Viking (Hands-Free)

Viking (Yellow-Box)

Viking (Stainless Box)

Viking (Flush Mount)

Ceeco (Stainless Flush)

Ceeco (Low Profile)

Ceeco (Panel Phone)

Rath Micotech (Black Box)

Rath Micotech (Stainless Box)

Gai-Tronics (Flush Mount)

Gai-Tronics (Small Flush Mount)
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