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Gai-Tronics 297 Small Flush Mount Emergency Phone

Features & Specifications:
Smaller sized Front Panel, S.M.A.R.T. Self-Monitoring & Reporting Technology, One button call for help, Simple panel design is easy to maintain, Large Palm Activation Button for Help, ADA Compliant, Telephone line powered, Remote programming, Auto Answer, Remote programming & Auto Answer, Auxiliary output activates peripheral equipment, Three No. rollover - dials 3 #'s to ensure calls.

Gai-Tronics is the samller with reduced panel size allows for smaller openings. Gai-Tronic's SMART Technology.

What SMART does is the following: Units automatically report status to maintenance PC, Phones call in on fault condition, System uses existing telephone line, Telephone fault database, Remote maintenance monitoring, Call logging, Compatible with Oasis software, Windows based software application, System functional while being monitored. Full duplex flush mount, stainless steel panel type emergency speakerphone.
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Gai-Tronics Small Flush Mount Elevator Phone

Price: $1,125.99 Please Call 1-800-862-4001
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