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We want our customers to trust and value the service we provide to them by meeting and exceeding expectations every time. We go the extra mile to ensure the services and products we offer are consistently excellent, reliable and safe. 

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The only logical choice for your emergency communication needs. Mylinkline Communications is the only logical choice for your emergency communication needs. Having one company perform all of your communication needs results in big savings. We install and monitor emergency telephones nationwide and there is never any extra costs for repair or service on emergency telephones we monitor. One low monthly fee covers it all and we provide all the necessary services at the lowest rates available.
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Is your cellular line or emergency telephone having issues? Not ringing? Not dialing? Callers can't hear you? You can't hear them? Is the call button cracked or broken? There are many such annoying ailments that affect emergency phones and most of them can easily be treated with minor surgery. Before you buy a new phone send your existing phone in to visit our repair center?
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Let our installation teams install your next emergency telephone. Call Mylinkline Communications toll-free at 1-800-862-4001 to purchase our professional installation or to discuss any purchase, delivery or installation questions you may have. Our technicians are qualified and insured and we will install your emergency telephones according to all codes and regulations.
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Our guarantee is simple- we will beat anyone's lower total price by 10% 
In the unlikely chance that you should find the same exact item in stock and selling for less in any other website, call us at 1-800-862-4001 and we'll beat it by 10% (including shipping costs) on most items…even up to 30 days after your purchase! We offer the lowest rates and volume discounts
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Limited Lifetime Warranty on cellular landlines & emergency telephones: If any part of your telephone(s) or cellular product fails at any time during your lifetime due to a defect in material or workmanship, we will repair or, at our option, replace the defective elevator telephone(s) as long as MyLinkLine Communications provides the monthly service agreement for elevator phone monitoring or cellular landline(s).
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