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Even if mobile service in the area is knocked out. That doesn't mean the phone itself has stopped working. An activated cellphone consistently sends bursts of radio waves as it scans for another tower to which it can connect. For a disaster victim, those invisible emissions become something of a rescue beacon, a sign of possible life to rescuers who can identify where the signals are coming from.

Elevator Code Compliant
MyLinkLine has been installing emergency cellular phone lines for 10+ years. We are the experts and only install products that meet code requirements. Our products comply ADA, ASME, ANSI and IBC codes in addition to all State and local requirements if applicable.

Why wait for the telephone company to install telephone landlines and charge you for installation and activation fees when you can install a wireless elevator line that interfaces with all emergency elevator telephones. Our cellular landlines can also be installed in the elevator machine room, top of car or building telephone room. We ensure the maximum performance by installing it right the first time. Our technicians are qualified and insured. We can install your equipment according to all codes and regulations.

Quick Installation
Attention General Contractors and Property Managers: Waiting on installation of phone lines that is holding up the building elevator inspection and permits. Contact us, we can have your mobile phone lines installed in 24-hours and we install nationwide.
Lifetime Warranty
If any part of your
Cellular Connect™ fails at any time during your lifetime due to a defect in material or workmanship, we will repair or, at our option, replace the defective product(s) as long as MyLinkLine Communications provides the monthly service agreement.

What does a wireless elevator phone line cost

The cost savings of wireless elevator telephone lines will vary from state to state based on your county, city and special taxing districts that may assess various taxes on wireless communication services. For example:  Some states and localities require wireless carriers to collect a fee for 911 funds while others may require electronic waste recycling fees on all cellular devices.

For a free pricing quote please contact us at 1-800-862-4001 or complete our online price quote form and we will determine your monthly fee including all applicable costs, discounts and credits.

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Why you should purchase a wireless elevator phone

Chart (A)
Elevator Wireless Telephone vs Landline Elevator Phone
wireless elevator phone graph
Monthly Savings
If you currently pay for an elevator phone landline you are paying too much. MyLinkLine provides a cost-effective solution for providing voice communications to your elevator and emergency phones without the cost of expensive traditional phone lines. On average, our customers save 35% or more on monthly phone line fees.

Traditional landlines are going away and you can count on the reliability of wireless elevator phone lines to maintain a communication path between your elevator and the monitoring service.

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Elevator Wireless Phone Lines
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Phone Code Requirements
The Cellular Connect™ works with all makes of elevators including telephones already installed by other companies or built into existing elevator car operating panels.

Most elevator companies advocate using cellular phone lines whenever possible. The majority of elevator passenger entrapments are caused by power outages and standard landlines are often susceptible to disrupted communications. Wireless make sense because in most cases they are more dependable than landline phone connections especially in the event of natural disasters.