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Wurtec Box Style Phone /A.D.A. Compliant Emergency/
Elevator Phone With Auto Dialer.

ADA Compliant Emergency Phones designed to provide quick and reliable hands free communication over the public switched telephone network. All Wurtec phones meet ADA requirements for elevator/emergency telephones, and can be programmed from any Touch Tone phone.

Box Style Phone
Designed to fit in existing telephone cabinet.
Simple Installation.
Raised Letters and Braille.
Vandal Resistant
ADA Compliant Elevator Telephones
FCC Approval

No external power or battery backup required for one or two telephones on a dedicated telephone line.
Cut the cord on elevator phone lines
Go cellular and save 35% or more on monthly phone line fees.
Elevator Cellular Phone Lines
Elevator Phone
Monitoring & Dispatch
Safety and security for your building
The best emergency monitoring solutions available.
Price: $395.99 Please Call 1-800-862-4001
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Wurtec Elevator Telephone - Box Style