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Elevator Phone Line

How to eliminate the cost of a traditional elevator phone line and save 35% or more.
Free checklist for elevator telephone code requirements.

If you are looking to reduce elevator phone line fees we recommend you switch to cellular. Cellular elevator phone lines meet all ADA, and IBC code. The benefits include increased reliability and substantial savings over existing conventional telephone line charges.
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Most elevator phones with have a “Call Connected LED" that will turn on to show that communication to emergency personnel has been established.  The visual communication provision can be as simple as a light, illuminated by emergency personnel.  This function is designed for people with hearing impairments, that need a visual indicator that the phone call has been received and that help is on the way

Step 2
- Ask operator to state the buildings location or cab numbers, as required by ASME.
The monitoring service should be able to tell the location of the emergency calls by either the voice announcement or from the buildings elevator phone # “caller I.D”.  If you have more than one elevator phone, verify calls can be made at the same time and also communicate with the answering service. If you pass the two steps above your building elevator telephone service is working properly.  We also recommend that your maintenance department test the system monthly. 
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Step 1 - Push the call button in the elevator.
The unit must be push activated and the call button must be identified with the word “HELP.” To test, press “HELP” and the elevator telephone should dial a pre-programmed telephone number. The programmed phone number should call a 24-hour monitoring service. When the phone is answered, the elevator phone will play a message to identify the emergency and building location.
Building elevator telephones must be connected to a dedicated phone line.
“Tip: We recommend your business install a wireless elevator phone line. The average cost saving is 35% over traditional existing outdated telephone land-lines.” 
Current code requires that phone equipment be located no more than 48” from the floor. “Note: this requirement is designed to assist people in wheelchairs.”
Ordinary telephones do not comply with building A17.1 and state ADA regulations.
Two-way emergency communication equipment is required for all passenger elevators.
The emergency telephone must not require voice communications alone. A visual indication acknowledging the establishment of communications must remain on until terminated by authorized personnel.
Instructions for phone use must be provided in the elevator car.
Equipment cannot be programmed to an automated answering system and must connect to 24-hour monitoring service.
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Elevator Phone Code Requirements
MyLinkLine will only install elevator telephones that meet code requirements. We also comply ADA, ASME, ANSI and IBC codes in addition to all State and Local requirements if applicable. Volume pricing available.

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If any part of your elevator telephone(s) or elevator cellular landline fails at any time during your lifetime due to a defect in material or workmanship, we will repair or, at our option, replace the defective device at our cost***

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Our dispatch center has been delivering professional service for over twenty years. Our staff has extensive technical and interpersonal training to assist in emergency and non-emergency situations.

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