Embracing the Cellular Connect Solution: The shift away from traditional telephone landlines for Elevator Communications

In August 2022, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made a momentous announcement, relieving US Telecom companies of the obligation to provide copper landline services.

Consequently, the era of analog telephone landlines elevator lines, known as plain old telephone service (POTS), is coming to an end as building owners seek alternatives to combat rising costs and deteriorating networks.

Telephone landlines

Conventional Telephone Landlines

This article delves into the factors driving this transition, such as advancements in technology and cost efficiency, while highlighting the advantages of cellular connectivity for elevator communications.

The Impact of Advancements in Technology


In recent years, the rapid development and widespread adoption of cellular technology have significantly impacted the usage of traditional phone landlines. Cellular phone lines offer greater convenience, portability, and functionality compared to telephone landlines. The rise of smartphones and their seamless integration with daily life has led many individuals and businesses to opt for cellular communications, leaving landlines behind.

Notably, the convenience of cellular communication extends to elevator lines as well. Instead of being tethered to fixed copper telephone landlines, cellular elevator communications offer increased flexibility and accessibility.

Moreover, cellular networks have undergone substantial advancements, now boasting extensive coverage across urban and rural areas. The widespread availability of cellular signals ensures that buildings can maintain reliable communication, even in remote locations. This improved network coverage has made cellular communication a highly attractive option for elevator lines, offering consistent service without geographical limitations.

Cost Efficiency: A Driving Force for Change

One of the driving forces behind the shift from telephone landlines to cellular communication is cost efficiency. Maintaining telephone landlines can prove expensive for building owners and property managers. Costs associated with line rental fees, installation charges, and long-distance call expenses can quickly add up, placing a significant financial burden on businesses and individuals.

In stark contrast, cellular communication presents a more cost-effective solution. The price of telephone landlines has risen by 27% from 2005 to 2020, while cellular costs have experienced a 50% decrease during the same period. This drastic disparity highlights the financial advantages of cellular connectivity, making it a logical choice for those seeking budget-friendly alternatives.

The Cellular Connect™ Solution by MyLinkLine Communications

MyLinkLine Communications recognizes the transformative potential of cellular communication and presents the Cellular Connect Solution as the ideal replacement for telephone landlines in elevators. Having successfully secured nationwide cellular agreements with all major network providers, MyLinkLine can offer comprehensive cellular solutions across the country.

To ensure optimal service quality and cost-effectiveness for elevator phone lines, MyLinkLine has developed an exclusive network coverage scoring system. This innovative approach allows us to evaluate a building’s location and determine the most suitable network for that specific area.

By leveraging this technology, MyLinkLine provides reliable cellular phone lines at the most competitive monthly rates, effectively reducing the financial burden on building owners.

Cut the cord on elevator phone lines

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Advantages of Cellular Elevator Phone Lines

Unparalleled Reliability: Cellular connectivity offers enhanced reliability, ensuring seamless communication in all situations. The widespread availability of cellular networks ensures that elevators maintain communication regardless of their location, even during power outages or natural disasters.

Rapid Deployment: Unlike telephone landlines that require extensive installation processes, cellular communication is easily deployable. This swift implementation minimizes downtime and ensures that buildings have functional elevator communication systems promptly.

Enhanced Safety Features: Cellular technology enables advanced safety features, such as location tracking and emergency notifications. In emergencies, these features play a pivotal role in safeguarding elevator passengers and facilitating quick responses from emergency services.

Simplified Maintenance: Cellular elevator communication systems require minimal maintenance compared to telephone landlines. With fewer components and no physical lines to monitor, building owners can save time and resources on upkeep.

Future-Proof Solution: As technology continues to evolve, cellular communication remains a future-proof solution, ensuring long-term sustainability for elevator communication needs.


The transition from telephone landlines to cellular communication for elevators marks a significant advancement in the telecommunications industry. Building owners and property managers now have access to a cost-effective, reliable, and future-proof solution in the form of the Cellular Connect Solution offered by MyLinkLine Communications.

Embracing cellular technology not only results in substantial cost savings but also enhances safety features, offers simplified maintenance, and ensures unparalleled reliability. The widespread availability and continuous advancements in cellular networks make it the logical choice for modern elevator communication needs.

As the world becomes increasingly connected through cellular technology, elevator communication systems are following suit, embracing the efficiency and convenience that cellular solutions provide. Building owners are urged to make the transition from conventional telephone landlines today and experience the transformative benefits of Cellular Connect Solution by MyLinkLine Communications.

So, reach out to MyLinkLine today at mylinkline.com to request a price quote and embark on a journey towards reliable cellular elevator phone lines and substantial cost savings.

The future of elevator communication is here, and it’s cellular!