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North Carolina Pool Code imposes a responsibility on building owners and property managers to adhere to specific requirements within emergency communication to ensure the safety of all.

Failure to comply with these pool codes can result in penalties and potential legal action. North Carolina pool code and state requirements may be superseded by local requirements that are equal to or more restrictive than the state requirements. Check with the local city and county governments to see if they have adopted different pool safety requirements.

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North Carolina Pool Phone Code Requirements

A telephone capable of directly dialing 911 or other emergency notification system shall be provided and accessible to all pool users. Effective April 1, 2005, the telephone shall be permanently affixed to a location inside the pool enclosure or outside the enclosure within 75 feet of a bather entrance. The telephone shall be visible from within the pool enclosure or a sign shall be posted indicating the location of the emergency telephone. A sign with legible letters shall be posted at the telephone providing dialing instructions, the address of the pool location, and the telephone number. The pool phone requires a callback number which will ring at the pool location for the pool emergency phone.
Where the telephone does not directly access 911, the emergency notification system shall:
(1) Provide 24-hour monitoring of all incoming calls by a telecommunicator who answers only emergency calls;
(2) Be capable of routing calls to the local 911 telecommunicator via the 911 dedicated emergency trunk line; and
(3) Electronically transfer Automatic Number Identification and Automatic Locator Identification for the emergency telephone at the pool to the Enhanced 911 system for all calls routed to 911.


Wake County Department of Environmental Services. Regulations Governing Swimming Pools. SECTION 15: POOL SAFETY: Per (d), pools must have an emergency telephone. The phone must be an independent landline phone, with no line extensions or switchboard operator, and permanently mounted on the pool deck area. No direct dial 911 phones will be allowed (phones which have no dial pad). A sign must be posted at the phone stating, “EMERGENCY DIAL 911” along with the phone number and physical address of the pool. The emergency phone must be capable of receiving calls with an audible ringer.

North Carolina Pool Code

Helpful tip: While it is possible to program telephones to dial 911 for emergency dispatch, it is generally discouraged. Most 911 dispatch centers prefer that pool telephones do not tie up emergency lines with non-emergency or prank calls. Additionally, fines may be imposed for dispatching emergency personnel to non-emergency situations. Therefore, we do not recommend relying solely on 911 for handling pool telephone calls.

If you are programming the pool phone to call 911, it’s advisable to obtain written permission from your local 911 authority to ensure you won’t face charges for false or nuisance calls.

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Frequently Asked Pool Code Phone Questions

What is a pool telephone?

A pool phone, as the name suggests, is a communication device positioned in close proximity to public swimming pools, usually within 200 unobstructed feet of the pool in most states. Its primary purpose is to enable users to make emergency calls and connect to help when needed.

How do I determine if I need an emergency pool phone?

In many states, there are legal requirements mandating the presence of an emergency phone in close proximity to a pool. Regardless of legal requirements, having a pool telephone is a proactive measure to prevent potential tragedies and reduce your liability.

Can MyLinkLine monitor pool phones purchased from another company?

Certainly. We can monitor and reprogram pool phones from any manufacturer, including those already integrated into existing car operating panels. Our monitoring services do not require any additional equipment.

How can I ensure the proper functioning of my pool phone?

The best way to ensure your emergency phone is working correctly is through periodic manual testing.

Can pool phones be directly programmed to dial 911?

While it is possible to program pool telephones to dial 911 for emergency dispatch, it is generally discouraged. Most 911 dispatch centers prefer that pool telephones do not tie up emergency lines with non-emergency or prank calls. Additionally, fines may be imposed for dispatching emergency personnel to non-emergency situations. Therefore, we do not recommend relying solely on 911 for handling pool telephone calls.

Do you provide nationwide installation of pool telephones?

Absolutely! MyLinkLine Communications Inc. boasts over two decades of experience in the field of telecommunications solutions. Our extensive range of pool telephone products and services is available throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Do you sell proprietary pool telephone equipment?

MyLinkLine prioritizes the long-term interests of our clients by exclusively using non-proprietary phone equipment known for its durability, reliability, and ease of service. This approach ensures that you have all the information necessary to make the best decision for your specific requirements. Trust the MyLinkLine approach for dependable and adaptable pool telephone solutions.

What are the regulations regarding pool telephones in the United States?

Regulations governing pool telephones are typically determined at the local level, often varying from state to state. You can find information on pool phone laws specific to your state here.

Should a pool phone use a landline or cellular connection?

Both landline and cellular connections can be employed for pool phones, with the choice typically depending on the specific needs of your property. Cellular lines are often preferred to avoid the costs associated with trenching for new landline telephone service, and our cellular solution is cost-effective compared to traditional landlines.

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